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just and orderly dissolve to handle

After completing all these, the Yan flies to again fallen asleep.When the second day morning wakes up, he indeed as expected spirit a hundredfold, a change yesterday that the felling of the nervous Xi Xi.Wait when the office sees six Ping pings, six seeing of the delights of Ping Ping the occurrence flies the variety on the body in the Yan, feel oneself last night opened a solution don't waste.
    The Yan flies and the work of six Ping pings re- return to correct path up, the their beginning dissolves the hopeless situation of the international cosmetics tycoon to the dreamlike science and technology product with all strength anti- rush toward.The hopeless situation is anti- to rush toward to look vehemence this time roaring wooden shutters blinds, and the strength is very big, dreamlike science and technology advantage in the hand, have to also treat well, otherwise still really may fold Ji to sink a sand and withdraw an international market.After all the base coin in history drives out the affair of good currency not is take place a two, dreamlike science and technology also not want to tread this footsteps.
    Dreamlike science and technology has already belonged to his/her own famous expert scholar as well, so while appearing to query a dreamlike science and technology product, these expert scholars also jumped out and equally brainwashed for consumer.They continuously and again tell a consumer and say the position that dreamlike science and technology has already obtained huge breakthrough on the skin technique, is being placed in to absolutely lead in the world, so then the product of dreamlike science and technology can obtain so good effect, everyone can trust an use.
    Aim at the international cosmetics tycoon pleases of expert scholar to the consumer's section Pu knowledge, the expert scholar of dreamlike science and technology doesn't already is also a derision.According to the logic of the other party, now that prove that the cosmetics that the body of irretrievable human body decrepitude changes, boasts before so explaining these cosmetics manufacturers has no effect.But for the sake of these useless cosmeticses, but the consumer paid huge economic price.This root is to deceive, so the experts of dreamlike science and technology suggest that these consumers indict these international cosmetics tycoons in court.
    Then dreamlike science and technology is tough one side, the Ministry of Justice of the company starts aring slandering the "so-called" consumer hair of dreamlike science and technology product to go to lawyer's letter, declaring to indict them to those, and obtain a huge sum of indemnification.But those redistributions received lawyer's letter of dreamlike science and technology to the size of dreamlike science and technology dishonest news, dreamlike science and technology requested them the dishonest information for deleting right away and otherwise equally want to tell they are on law court.Even if pay a huge price for this, also want to let these to close down.
    End, dreamlike science and technology is public the ownership of a share structure of the company, prove that oneself is a private enterprise, all shareholders only have a person, this person is a Yan to fly, so dreamlike science and technology will never be China of stateowned business enterprise.Dreamlike science and technology is similar to all business enterprises of the west nation, all Zun Ji obeys the law of the business enterprise is an all responsible business enterprise, Plantation shutters absolutely can't have to the consumer what spiteful attempts, this the dreamlike science and technology product combine to acquire the consumer of huge advantage there and then can see out from the use.Then dreamlike science and technology invite the supervisor section of each nation to carry on a strict examination to the product of dreamlike science and technology on one's own initiative, prove the product of company the inside didn't illegally add of product, to consumer of of the body can't result in any negative function.
    Dreamlike science and technology aims at rival to own various plant Zang and slander, just and orderly dissolve to handle, under everyone's effort, make the crisis that dreamlike science and technology faces not only didn't extend and on the contrary let up gradually.
    The direction that sees a circumstances beginning facing virtuous cycle develops, the Yan flies heart in breath a sigh of relief.He stretched a lazy waist and started to carry cup and was drinking tea and watching the current news news on the television screen.However when he sees news the top appear of take in someone hand of a certain parts of time, assistance Zhi the brain spread an information:Discover a special product, the unmanned machine gets stripe have to product.

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